Happy Birthday, Stevland Hardaway Morris 🎉

If you don’t recognize the name, I’m certain that you’ll recognize the songs. Fingertips. Uptight. My Cherie Amour. I Was Made to Love Her. For Once in My Life. Superwoman. Superstition. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing. You Are The Sunshine of My Life. You Haven’t Done Nothin’. I Wish. Sir Duke. All I Do.Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Stevland Hardaway Morris 🎉”

A Move Towards Reparations for Black Americans?

As uncomfortable as it may be, I firmly believe that this country cannot be what it purports to be without addressing the long shadow of its sordid, racist past. Specifically, its treatment of Black people. Discovering that this behavior is deeply rooted in what is often described as one the finest institutions in the worldContinue reading “A Move Towards Reparations for Black Americans?”

🎵 Play that one called ‘Soul Twist, play that one called ‘I Know’…🎵

Some may recognize those words as lyrics from Sam Cooke‘s hit song ‘Havin’ A Party,’ one of many, that was released 60 years ago that hit #17 and #4 on the Billboard Pop and R&B Charts, respectively. Sam was talking about playing records, the dominant form of music during that time. Well, many may beContinue reading “🎵 Play that one called ‘Soul Twist, play that one called ‘I Know’…🎵”

Blurred Lines and the Absence of Deterring Consequences

“I quit.” In essence, humbly, tact and eloquence aside, at the infancy of what was supposed to be an assignment for the balance of the academic year, that is what I communicated to a school administrator one week ago today. Respectfully, I’ve worked to build a personal work ethic and brand, if you will, thatContinue reading “Blurred Lines and the Absence of Deterring Consequences”