Happy Birthday, Stevland Hardaway Morris 🎉

If you don’t recognize the name, I’m certain that you’ll recognize the songs.

Fingertips. Uptight. My Cherie Amour. I Was Made to Love Her. For Once in My Life. Superwoman. Superstition. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing. You Are The Sunshine of My Life. You Haven’t Done Nothin’. I Wish. Sir Duke. All I Do. Part Time Lover. These Three Words. From the Bottom of My Heart.

Today is the 72nd birthday of the incredible artist, musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and humanitarian Stevie Wonder.

I’ve shared with a few people how he helped to change my life as a preteen. I was 11 years old in 1976 when he released, by common consent, his magnum opus, Songs in the Key of Life, the final album in what has been described as “The Greatest Creative Run in the History of Popular Music.” In addition to containing a brilliant array of songs supported by an equally brilliant group of musicians and singers, it was the first album that I recalled having a booklet that contained the lyrics to all of the songs. By learning and reciting those lyrics, unknowingly, this would set me off on a path in which I would embrace the power of words in storytelling as a writer, public speaker, and actor. Almost 50 years after its release, I still listen to this landmark release today. By clicking on the Spotify logo below, I invite you to the do the same in celebration of this phenomenal man.

Thank you, Stevie. Happy Birthday 🎉!

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